Tips for avoiding those annoying bugs

Bugs are never fun to deal with.  They are creepy, crawly and just seem to get into everything.  One of the most annoying and sometimes lethal bugs is the mosquito.  Over the past year or so scientists have theorized that the dinosaurs didn’t die off because of the asteroid that struck the planet.  In fact, they believe that the mosquito was actually responsible for killing off the dinosaurs.

For years, the mosquito has been wreaking havoc in our environment.  The spread of diseases is well documented and one that shows evidence that disease can be spread by this insect.  As such, the demand for commercial mosquito treatment raleigh is on the rise.  Here are some tips that you can use to help prevent the spread of mosquito’s and other insects.

Remove standing water
Water is one of the primary reason’s mosquitos will flock to a specific area.  Just like all other animals on the planet, water is needed to survive.  Next to drinking it mosquitos will lay their eggs in the water and when hatched release millions of additional bugs into the area.

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Keep your grass cut
Cut your grass so that insects and bugs don’t have a place to hid and breed.  Tall grass and other weeds are great sources for these insects to make their homes.  When we cut our grass we are making it low enough to kill off their breeding grounds and homes. 

Go in at dusk
Don’t stay outside at night.  Mosquitos and other insects are nocturnal and will be out at night to feed and breed.  To avoid them you will want to go in at dusk.  However, if you don’t want to become a prisoner in your home, wearing insect repellant, lighting candles and even putting up a screen will help protect you from these annoying insects.